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Modern roses were introduced as a class of roses in 1867, with the introduction of a French rose, La France.  Most roses for sale in garden centers and mail-order companies are modern roses.  These roses have been crossed to develop new colors, increased hardiness, disease resistance, and continuous blooming.  Modern roses include hybrid tea, polyantha, floribunda, grandiflora, miniature, and shrub roses.  Modern hybrid tea roses appear at weddings, commemorative events, and on Valentines' Day.

peace rose Perhaps the most well-known hybrid tea is the Peace rose, which was introduced in 1945.  Other hybrid tea roses include "Bella'roma," "Veterans' Honor," and "St. Patrick."  Floribunda roses include "Betty Prior," "Eureka," and "Iceberg."  "Candelabra," "Crimson Bouquet," and "Queen Elizabeth" are included in the grandiflora roses group.  Available miniature roses include "Crackling Fire" and "Sun Sprinkles."  Groundcover roses include "Flower Carpet Pink," "Red Ribbons," and "Sun Runner."  Some of the popular shrub roses are "Knock Out," "Carefree," and "The Fairy" roses.

Then we have climbing roses and rambling roses.  The roses on plants with these growth habits have been developed, by breeding, into hearty and beautiful flowers.  Well-known climbing roses are "America," "Blaze," "New Dawn," and "Joseph's Coat."  Use them on an arbor or a wall.

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Hybrid Rose Suppliers

  • Heirloom Roses features extensive online and print catalogs that list all types of roses, including new hybrid rose varieties.
  • All kinds of interesting rose plants, including hybrid tea roses, are available from the Jackson and Perkins website.  Plants are shipped nationwide.
  • Star Roses are sold at garden centers throughout the USA.  There is also an online catalog on this website.
  • Spring Valley Roses sells winter-hardy roses as well as Old Garden roses and shrub roses.

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