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Old rose cultivars and varieties are those that were introduced before 1867.  They may also be called heritage roses.  Once popular in 18th and 19th century cottage gardens, old garden roses have had a resurgence of interest.  They are a "cabbagy" style blossom rose that blends into the landscape.  Their colors vary from pink to purple, red, and yellow.  Many old roses are disease resistant and hardy, and are very fragrant.  Some old rose varieties are Damask Alba, Hybrid Gallica, Moss, and Tea roses.

More recently, English roses, primarily developed by David Austin, have become popular.  English roses have the appearance and scent of old roses but are repeat bloomers.  They may be compact or large, and some are disease resistant and cold hardy.  Some English roses are Abraham Darby, Heritage, Fair Bianca, and Graham Thomas.

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