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Species roses legitimately carry the Latin name "Rosa."  They are wild roses that naturally perpetuate themselves.  Species roses are medium to large shrubs that have single petal blooms and usually bloom only once per season.  They are hardy in cold climates, don't require too much maintenance, and may produce rose hips.  Species roses are divided into four regional groups — North American, European, Middle Eastern, and Oriental Asian.  European species roses are often white and pink, while roses that are native to the Middle East are often yellow.  Some species roses from Oriental Asia bloom more than once during the season.

Species roses were brought to Europe from Asia by such traders as the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company.  Over the years, pollination by bees and other insects has produced natural mixing of species rose traits.  Rosarians have created new species of roses by purposely planting different rose varieties close together.  Some familiar varieties of species roses are Rosa banksiae lutea (or Yellow Lady Banks), Rosa rugosa, and Rosa virginiana.

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